The National Flossing Council
Washington, DC
The Flossing Policy Initiative
In response to the glaring absence of dental floss in everyday life here in the United States, the National Flossing Council is undertaking a two-pronged initiative to increase the public availability of dental floss.

1. We want to mobilize government health authorities, non-government organizations (NGOs) with an interest in public health, and members of the dental health industries to work toward a national goal of making floss available in every public bathroom in the U.S.
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2. Since there is general agreement among dental health authorities that between-meal snacks are a major source of cavity-promoting foods in our daily life, and individually packed snack foods are an ever-growing source of these foods, the National Flossing Council is calling on manufacturers of snack foods and candies to investigate the practicality of packaging their products with a string imbedded in the package. This string could be located to help open some snack foods, and, when the snack is done, it could serve as floss to clean the consumer’s teeth of snack residues.
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As a first step in the implementation of this Flossing Policy Initiative, we are attempting to identify all interested parties. Please contact us to join in our Initiative. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Once participants are identified, we intend to work collaboratively with representatives of government, NGOs and industry, to investigate the economic incentives and practical challenges that will need to be overcome to make dental floss more widely available throughout the United States.
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