FBI Declares Jon Voight
Public Flosser #1!
April 5, 2007 Washington, DC

Jon Voight, actor and flosser extraodinaire, was today declared Public Flosser #1 by the FBI (Flossing Bureau of Investigation)!

According to a recent article in Roll Call, a Washington, DC newspaper that covers events in the Capitol, Jon Voight was seen vigorously flossing in the Halls of Congress before meeting with Senator Norm Colman (R-Minn.).
(Read the full report, below)

Jon, we here at the National Flossing Council are very proud of your public demonstation of flossing, and although you obviously pack your own floss for everyday use, we will do our best to get you an NFC Flosscard to use in the future.

Floss on, Jon!