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Floss Cleans Better than Listerine, Decides Judge
False Listerine Advertising Campaign Stopped by Court
by Frank Douglas, Esq., MouthWatch Legal Correspondent

You may have seen those Listerine advertisements that claim "a quick, easy rinse with Listerine Antiseptic twice a day is actually as effective as floss." A federal judge recently declared the ads are "false and misleading"and called them a "public health hazard." Judge Denny Chin in New York ordered the ads stopped immediately.

The court found that flossing helps prevent tooth decay and tooth loss, and that mouthwash cannot replace dental floss. "The benefits of flossing are real -- not a 'myth'", wrote Judge Chin.

"We’re happy that the court has decided to stop these misleading ads,” said Dr. Armand Lione, President of the National Flossing Council, “but anyone who uses floss knows that it cleans between teeth far better than a mouthwash."

"Flossing gives you peace of mouth by keeping your teeth and gums healthy," added Dr. Lione. "Everyone should floss regularly."

The National Flossing Council has previously given the prestigious Flossy Award to Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Seinfeld for their work to promote flossing. When asked whether Judge Denny Chin would receive the Flossy, Lione commented "I'm not sure whether Judge Chin will be eligible for a Flossy, but he's certainly a public health hero for telling the truth about floss."