National Flossing Council Encourages Group Flossing Activities for Day After Thanksgiving

The National Flossing Council — America’s leading organization for the promotion and advocacy of flossing — declares the theme for this year’s National Flossing Day (NFD) to be “Floss With A Friend.” As such, the Council is encouraging people across the country to take the day after Thanksgiving — Friday, November 27th, 2009 — to engage in interpersonal flossing activities.

Making today’s announcement was National Flossing Council President Armand Lione, who said: “The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is known for friends, family and food. Now is the time to add a fourth “f” — Floss. We recognize that with flossing, as with most things, the more the merrier. Therefore, we declare this year’s theme ‘Floss with a Friend.’ To help people get into the spirit of the event, we have posted flossing games on our website, Your family and friends can enjoy each other’s company, better oral hygiene and better health — while flossing your teeth.”

During the last decade, the focus of NFD has ranged from Floss/Food Art parties to the presentation of our media award, The Flossy, to Ellen DeGeneres, who has done a lot to promote flossing! For NFD 2007, we requested that McDonald's restaurants begin offering individual packs of floss with each of its meals. National Flossing Day 2008 focused on flossing etiquette by offering downloadable signs to make clear where flossing is ok.

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The National Flossing Council is a public organization based in Washington, DC since 1996.