July 7, 2004 For Immediate Release

Floss’s Environmental Benefits Proven

Washington, DC The National Flossing Council (NFC) today put on display a crucial piece of evidence that demonstrates the beneficial effects of dental floss on the survival of birds. This evidence supports the long-standing belief that when dental floss is used and disposed in nature, it can serve a beneficial role in the environment.

Dr. Armand Lione, President of the NFC (http://www.flossing.org) showed reporters a special case, which contained a bird’s nest built with twigs and dental floss. Dr. Lione brought attention to the importance of this finding since it demonstrates that dental floss is used by wildlife to strengthen their shelters and improve their survival.

The nest was found in Woollahra, Australia, outside of Sydney, by a NFC cyber-staffer, Dr. Chip Tartaroff. Tartaroff was visiting the Cooper Reserve in Woollahra when he came across a bird’s nest that had been blown out of a tree during a thunderstorm. “Inspecting the nest,”said Tartaroff, “I noticed a strand of white dental floss wrapped into the web of twigs in the bottom of the nest. I quickly realized I had discovered the long sought after proof that floss is good for the survival of birds.”

Tartaroff went on to explain that this bird finding probably represents just one example of the many beneficial effects of used dental floss in the natural environment. He encouraged all members of the NFC and friends of the organization to send word of any additional findings they have made on this important environmental question.

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