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K.C. ribs ‘n fries,
Fallow fodder for flossing,
Followed by a brush…

I climbed the mountain,
The meaning of life to find.
“Floss!” was all he said.

Whiter than fresh snow
Lies floss against my cuspid.
Dracula flossed, too.

Caries, my burden.
Rue the day I tossed the floss
Underneath the bus.
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Assiduous care
Coral-colored gingiva
Cherry blossom joy
axis of evil
decay, plaque, gingivitus
floss, the true hero
Ode to Floss
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
Floss Teeth or lose all.

Sean Dix
Bugs between my teeth,
Always giving me disease,
I must floss them Now!

Carla Sabah
As the white pain saves,
Gums turn red like maple leaves,
martyrs for our teeth.
It's weird. Good, but hurts.
Each night I torture my gums.
Well, my teeth are good.
plaque free space you want?
whatever flavor you use
floss will do the job
Two flavors. Both plants.
Which is better? I think mint.
Strawberries: Healthy.
Between two fingers
lies the string of prevention
does the body good
"If I had been successfully indoctrinated when I was a boy, I'm sure I'd be a flossing machine today, instead of a guy with increasely British-looking teeth (my only European affectation)."
decayed stone
waxed snakes slide in, out
pretty me
silken string surround pearls
strong gums stand guard
naked teeth secured

H. Pleiman
only the white keys
on gleaming mouth piano
are played with taut string
Ivory string
tightened around fingertips
Blue fingers; white teeth
A quick glance
Is he sliding mint
Or fiery cinnamon?
evening I pull the floss
red cinnamon smarts
against my gums
morsels sit between my teeth
minty, waxy, nylon thread
saves my smile

Elizabeth, Jon &
it softly slides
glides along my lips
onto my tongue
between my teeth
clear and clean
minty fresh
my mouth is ripe and ready for anything
food in my teeth
he points
I blush

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