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November 25, 2011!
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"The Joy of Flossing"

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NFD '10 Video Challenge
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Brazil & Floss!
"Trust me. Flossing is Awesome."
by Alicia Ostarello
NFD 2004
Monkey teaches her young
to floss!
The Flossy
Flossing Haikus!
Breakfast Floss?
The Floscar Video!
Introduced by
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Goofy Flossing!
Letterman Talks Floss!
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Pattinson's Flossing Accident
Have you tried this Chinese Delicacy?
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Jon Voight
Public Flosser #1
Ojo de Dios
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Floss at the Olympics
Floss vs Listerine:
The Winner is Floss!
What's Up With The Tooth Fairy?
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