Floss Art
This exquisite floss container was made by Camille Scribner of San Francisco, CA. In addition to her role as medical editor here at MouthWatch, Dr. Scribner is an outstanding artist who works with Fimo (aka: Sculpey III) plastic. This very versatile modeling compound is soft and pliable until baked at 275 degrees for 10-20 minutes. The baking can be done in any oven.

Camille often works in the millefiore technique, first designing a number of forms in rolls of Fimo, and slicing them to show the patterns she created. On the floss container, her sliced images include faces, carrots, a toothbrush, and a smiling tooth! She then attached each of these sliced images onto the walls of the container, which are made from thin sheets of black fimo.

This superb floss dispenser is attractive enough to be left in any room of the house, including the dining room and the living room, where you and your guests can floss, as needed.
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