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Aims & Scope
This on-line journal will publish all forms of media that support the mission of the NFC as summarized in our motto:

Call For Submissions:
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Smiley, the NFC Spokesperson

All Video Clips Require the Apple Quicktime Plugin

Instructions to Authors:

Write, video, draw, animate, compose - ie: create on any theme that relates to oral health, this includes but is not limited to flossing. We will accept any form of media (visual or audio) for publication that can be converted to digital format.

Terms of Use

To award a Grande Prix, a panel of impartial judges will review all submissions and select the best entry. The winning entry for 2003 MouthWatch Grande Prix was announced on National Flossing Day, 2003.

The MouthWatch Grande Prix will be awarded periodically. We will announced the date for the next award when it becomes available.

For more detailed information on submissions, and to query your ideas for possible publication in MouthWatch, contact Armand Lione, email:

The 2003 MouthWatch Grande Prix
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. National Flossing Day, 2005 fell on November 25th
in 2006, it will be Nov 24th!
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